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By leveraging management’s expertise, efficiency and work history, we develop custom products which meet even the most rigorous specifications.

Our company is known for the quality of its products and services, namely thanks to our attention to detail and quality work that meet our clients’ requirements.

Cordé Électrique is synonymous with quality and innovation.

Our custom and exclusive products and services

Electrical harnesses

Electrical harnesses – We manufacture customized products in small and medium-sized batches according to our clients’ requirements:

  • Original harnesses ;
  • Harness after-sale service ;
  • Harness parts and accessories.

and development

Research and development – Our technical team stands apart by collaborating with its network of professionals in order to offer our clients :

  • Technical alternatives ;
  • Systematic cost reduction analyses ;
  • Supervision of plans and specifications ;
  • Benchmarking.

and development



Prototypes – We work actively with our clients on product development by producing detailed reports throughout the prototyping process in order to identify the elements to be improved to achieve optimal results.


Complementary services – Our versatile and experienced employees also offer complementary services, including :

Inspections and sorting :

  • Visual and dimensional ;
  • Functional ;
  • Electrical.

Rework repair services :

  • At our location ;
  • At your location ;
  • At your client’s location.

Based on your needs, the R&D department designs and produces bench tests that meet your inspection, sorting and reworking needs.



Overmoulding –  Our Overmoulding Department can meet a wide variety of needs, including waterproofing, corrosion and oxidation prevention, unique connection designs and much more.

  • Wire overmoulding (different types of wire insulation) ;
  • Connector overmoulding ;
  • Electronic module encapsulation ;
  • Electronic component encapsulation.