Employees are the most important resource at Cordé Électrique and we take their well-being to heart. We have therefore implemented working conditions which foster teamwork, flexibility, versatility and skills development. We have also taken measures to make our employees’ work more enjoyable and efficient in a safe and friendly environment.

The way we do things, it’s who we are.

Those who make
the difference…

Lise Déziel

Lise Déziel

President and CEO

I live for challenges and process optimization is my playground. I love taking on new projects which force us to review our methods and push us to outdo ourselves as a team. The secret to my leadership is my ability to create synergy and infuse a proactive spirit into the team.

“We must have no regrets for the past, no remorse for the present, and an unshakable confidence in the future.”

 – Jean Jaurès


Stéphane Cormier

Technical Director

What thrills me is grasping your needs and recommending options to lower the costs of your product or to increase its reliability. Are there problems and difficulties? No. There are only solutions which have yet to be found and implemented.

“It is not by trying to improve the candle that we invented electricity.”

 – Niels Bohr

Josée Labrecque

Josée Labrecque

Human Resources Manager

I am passionate about human interaction. My mission is to make a difference in the lives of those I work with on a daily basis, i.e., our employees. My motto is implementing actions which foster healthy organizational management.

“Technology helps man specialize in humanity.”

 – Lise Déziel inspired by Jean Fourastié

Karyne Casavant

Production coordinator

My goal is to offer every one of our customers unparalleled service, i.e., to meet their needs in the most timely manner possible and ensure that each product comply with the corresponding quality criteria.

In my opinion, team motivation and validation are therefore essential to success.

“Our commitment covers our actions and words, both present and future.”

 – Lise Déziel inspired by Don Galer

Chantal Blais

Administrative coordinator

Numbers are my one true love! I love compiling them, balancing them, interpreting them… I process invoices and payments meticulously and make sure that my clients and suppliers receive their own as soon as possible, every single day.

“Wisdom is knowing the right path to take, integrity is taking it.”

 – M.H. McKee